Engine problems are never good news for our Loveland auto repair customers. When you’re having problems with your timing belt, valves, or head gasket, it’s time to bring your car to the expert mechanics at Metric Motors. Few auto repair shops can match our expertise in diagnosing, repairing, and optimizing your vehicle’s engine performance. For imported and domestic vehicles, large and small, new or old, our mechanics have the skills and knowledge to get you back on the road, driving with a finely-tuned engine in as little time as possible. Not every engine problem is going to break your budget, and our mechanics’ fast and efficient work, along with special offers from Metric Motors, ensure that you won’t have to pay more to fix it than what’s absolutely necessary.

Typical signs of engine problems in your car include slow, sluggish acceleration, decreased fuel efficiency, vibration while driving or idling, and an increase in the noise made during vehicle operation. If you think your car may be experiencing engine trouble, it’s best to bring it in to our Loveland, Colorado car repair shop as soon as possible. If you choose to wait, hoping the problem might go away, you’re only increasing your chances of creating even bigger problems. Instead, contact Metric Motors and make a service appointment today. Our mechanics have a long history of providing unmatched auto repair to our satisfied customers. Don’t let your engine suffer any longer than it already has; bring your vehicle in to Metric Motors today!