Cars and trucks feature complex wiring and electrical layouts. While most people associate complex electrical systems with modern vehicles, even older cars can be difficult to diagnose and fix. Fortunately, Metric Motors is Loveland’s Top-Rated Local auto repair shop, with over 35 years of electrical system experience. Contact us today if you are experiencing problems with any of the following, or any other electrical issues requiring auto repair.

Car batteries power vehicle electronics and provide the initial spark to get your car started. If you find that your car is not starting, it may be that your battery is dead. While batteries can often times be recharged, it is limited in the number of times that recharging a battery will work. We offer battery testing, replacement, and disposal, for easy carefree car repair.

The alternator in your car keeps your battery charged by producing electricity while your motor is running. If your alternator fails, your battery will die and your car may stop running completely. We can test your alternator and replace it if it is on the way out or out of commission.

The starter pulls power from your battery to give your motor the push it needs to start. If your car still has power, but wont start, your starter may be bad. While some people can get their starter working again, this is a sign that your starter will soon die, leaving you stranded. It is better to get your starter replaced as soon as trouble starts.

Electrical Diagnosis
If you are unsure of the issue your vehicle is experiencing, we can diagnose your check engine light, or run a manual diagnosis of your vehicle’s electrical system. Let our auto mechanics discover why your car isn’t working.