A check engine light is your vehicles way of letting you know that there is an issue with one of its components. By allowing your vehicle to stay in operation while this light is illuminated, is a recipe for failure. This is because when any item is left unchecked it will eventually fail, or when one system within your car is not working properly it has adverse effects on other vehicle components. As with most mechanical systems, when one component has an issue it throws off the entire system.

Diagnosing the problem when your check engine light comes on is a simple process. Just bring your car in and one of our technicians will plug in our check engine light code reader. With this code, we can look up the issue that your vehicle is signaling. From there we can inform you of the next step, and help resolve the issue quickly and painlessly.

By ignoring your check engine light can mean costly repairs, rather than a quick fix. Many times a check engine light is a minor repair or quick part replacement. Beyond system failures, a check engine light may have the following effects on your vehicle.

Rough Idle – when a system is not working properly, the motor may begin running rough. This adds fatigue to your motor and increases your chance for a mechanical or electronic failure.

Poor Fuel Mileage – When your engine isn’t running its best, your fuel mileage decreases. Fixing the issue may save you money in lost mileage on top of your future repair bill.

Difficulty starting – Imagine trying to start a race with your shoe still off. You will inevitably be slowed down. The same is true with your vehicle. When one component isn’t working properly, your vehicle will have a more difficult time starting. This can greatly shorten the life of your starter and other essential components.

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