Wondering what that check engine light is trying to tell you? Bring your vehicle to Metric Motors, a premier auto repair shop in Loveland, CO, with plenty of experience backing us up and knowledgeable, courteous auto mechanics working hard to fix your car’s engine. Whether you need a tune-up, car A/C repair, or replacement of any engine parts, we’re here to help you. Our passion is fixing vehicles of all makes and models, and helping vehicle owners through top-quality auto repair services that are affordable and done right the first time. For all your auto repair needs, turn to our shop, Metric Motors, which has been serving Loveland and the surrounding communities since 1976.

  1. Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

    We're headed toward summer, and it's important to make sure our cars are ready for the new season. That means making sure your car is refreshed after a long winter. The cold season is particularly hard on cars, and some of us haven't washed ours since last fall! After your car has worked hard to transport you through snow and ice while keeping you warm and dry, it has definitely earned a little TL…Read More

  2. Listen To Your Car

    My first girlfriend had an old blue Chevy Blazer, which served as the primary mode of transportation for both of us. I didn’t have a car of my own, and Audrey’s was in and out of the shop so often that we both came to dread the possibility of another expensive repair job. Such was our frame of mind when we began to hear a high-pitched creaking, grinding noise that seemed to be emanating from t…Read More

  3. Avoid Getting Pulled Over

    Getting pulled over while driving can be a major headache, and it’s safe to say that most people would like to avoid it at all times. Taking care to follow all the applicable traffic rules and regulations is only one thing you should pay attention to in order to avoid getting pulled over. Another thing that many people aren’t aware of is the fact that you could get pulled over because of the p…Read More

  4. Loveland’s Metric Motors: Focusing on foreign cars for 40 years

    Reporter Herald Link Auto repair shop marks a milestone By Craig YoungReporter-Herald Staff Writer POSTED:   01/31/2016 04:56:24 PM MST Dan Moyer, owner of Metric Motors, poses Thursday outside his business at 821 S. Lincoln Ave. in Loveland. (Michael Bettis / Loveland Reporter-Herald) LOVELAND -- In 1976, waves of automobile imports had started to wash ashore in the United States, and Lovelander…Read More

  5. Don’t Ignore These Dashboard Indicators

    At Metric Motors of Loveland, we’ve seen it all. People often complain that auto repair is expensive, and while this is often the case, it is also true that people could save themselves a lot of time, trouble, and money by heeding their vehicle’s warning signs. Often these come in the form of unfamiliar sounds or subtle changes in your car’s handling, and it’s understandable that someone w…Read More

  6. My Car’s AC is Not Working

    Summer can get pretty toasty in Loveland! It can be frustrating when the air conditioning in your car isn’t operating the way it should. Instead of dripping sweat as you drive this summer, come see the experts at Metric Motors to fix that AC of yours. Several things can cause the AC in a car to fail: The cooling fans aren’t working. If your cooling fans aren’t turning on, it makes sense that…Read More

  7. Part 1: Why Does My Car Have Bad Gas Mileage?

    Most people know that the amount of gas needed to get from one point to another can vary depending on your car, and oftentimes choose their vehicles with this in mind. However, what happens when your daily commute takes much more gas than it used to a couple months ago? This can really hurt your wallet! Check out some of the common causes of bad gas mileage: Oxygen sensors and air filters: Your fu…Read More

  8. Part 2: Why Does My Car Have Bad Gas Mileage?

    In our previous post, we discussed several potential reasons your car might not be operating on the same amount of gas it used to. If you find your car is burning through fuel faster than your wallet can afford, be sure to bring it into the auto repair professionals at Metric Motors! In the meantime, here are a few more reasons why your car might have terrible gas mileage: Your driving habits: If …Read More

  9. What To Expect At Metric Motors

    We know that the word mechanic doesn’t always evoke warm and fuzzy feelings for people. Having to call your mechanic typically means something is wrong with your car; one of your most expensive investments. Here at Metric Motors, we feel that if you have to call a mechanic, you should call one you can trust. Our auto repair shop in Loveland has a reputation of being trustworthy and dependable. W…Read More

  10. Autumn Car Care Checklist – Part 2

    Did you know that October is Fall Care Month? By taking the time to tend to your car during Fall Care Month, you can set yourself up for peace of mind when the snow starts to fly. We are here to help! In our last blog, we had just gotten into a very important car maintenance area: Oil, Filters, and Gas. We didn't have time to finish there, so we're coming back to the topic (and more) today. Read …Read More