With the change of the season, comes the uncertainty of whether or not your climate control will be performing its best. Without regular use or maintenance in the offseason your vehicles AC or heating system slowly deteriorates. Because of this it is important to have your system inspected before the change of the season, or ideally having your system serviced periodically throughout the year. Whichever route you decide to go, Metric Motors auto repair of Loveland is here to help.

AC System
Your vehicles air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the hot Colorado summers. It isn’t uncommon for the front range to receive temperatures over 90℉ during the summer months. Don’t settle for a hot stuffy car, have your car AC repaired today.

Heating System
In Colorado, you never know when a cold front will hit. If you travel into the mountains, it is possible to encounter snow into July. While the chance of snow in Loveland is slim in the summer, the winter months can leave you wishing you had replaced your heater core. Contact Metric Motors to have your heating system serviced by one of our skilled and professional mechanics.

Regular Maintenance
By having your vehicle serviced regularly, including your climate control, you can ensure that your vehicle will last. This becomes increasingly important should you ever decide to sell your vehicle. Cleaning vents and replacing filters ensure that your car doesn’t acquire any off putting smells, while continued maintenance alone protects you from system failures.

Protect your car’s value, comfort, and reliability with climate control repair and continued service from Loveland’s trusted auto repair shop, Metric Motors. Call today to set your appointment.