The average car has somewhere between 1,700 and 2,300 moving parts. All of these parts have to work together in harmony to make your vehicle run perfectly. To maintain that harmony, certain parts need to be replaced within a certain period of time; our auto repair team is here to help! Plus, sometimes things just go wrong. Maybe you have a good idea what’s wrong, or maybe your car is just making a weird noise. Bring your car in and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

A few of the car repair and regular maintenance services we offer include:

  • Diagnostic inspection
  • Brake repair & service per axle with ceramic pads
  • Air conditioner service including refrigerant
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Battery installation
  • CV axle replacement
  • Muffler service
  • Shocks and struts service
  • U-joint service
  • Fuel filter installation
  • Spark plug testing and replacement
  • Serpentine belt repair and replacement
  • Differential service including BG additive
  • Transfer case service including BG additive
  • Headlight repair and replacement

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